The Renegade Desk; Not your Average Desk

I’ve met a lot of people since I decided to say good-bye to corporate life to forge my own path as an interior decorating in Toronto, many also sharing aspirations to change the world one throw pillow at a time with their amazing products and services, people like Domi and Mike from Bizness Rebels who have launched the Renegade Desk, which helps badass Entrepreneurs work from wherever they feel most inspired!

This desk sounded like it was for me, I mean, I’m clearly a Renegade, right? So, I obviously needed to test this desk out! Check out how easy it was to set up, and my initial thoughts.

It turns out it actually does come with instructions, but the one I was given just didn’t have them, but as you can see it’s so easy that you probably don’t need them. I’ve used the desk a bunch of times, mostly when I want to stretch out my legs from being in front of a computer all day. And no, this isn’t a sponsored post, I asked Mike if I could test it out because I was genuinely interested in it, and it just seemed like a great product I though maybe you, my Homie, might benefit from, because you’re clearly also a Renegade!

Here’s five reason’s why the Renegade Desk rocks my world!

  1. It’s super compact and you can literally bring it anywhere.
  2. The easel is super sturdy, it seems like it can easily withstand being taken from location to location without breaking!
  3. Has a carrying case for the easel.
  4. You can pick from various finished from reclaimed wood to yellow!
  5. While it’s marketed to Entrepreneurs it’s really a desk that anyone can benefit from, early stages of research is showing that a standing desk can have lots of health benefits, I bet your current desk can’t do that!

If you want to know more about the desk, click here!